Client: UNICEF
Role: Creative Producer

365 days of being away from home.
365 days of missing family and friends.
365 days of surviving.
365 days of violence.

Client: UNICEF & US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Role: Videographer

When the war in Ukraine broke out, Kateryna quickly packed up some essentials – diapers, clothes – and fled to Poland with her two children, Mykyta (6) and Matviy (2). Mykyta is now playing football and learning in a UNICEF-supported school.

Project developed as part of a campaign promoting vaccination. 

Client: UNICEF
Role: Videographer 

Back in March 2022, Oleksandra, 16, told UNICEF about her experiences during the outbreak of war in Ukraine. For the World Refugee Day, she shares how she's been doing since then.

Full video here.